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Khael's Quest[edit | edit source]

Upon reaching level 20, you can access Neverwinter with a boat.

In Neverwinter, head to:

-For Draxians: head to the map tile to the down

-For the Naru: head to the map file to the left

On the middle left of the map, there is a small ramp.

Screenshot 2017-06-10-23-29-02(1).png

There is an NPC named 'Khael up here, which we need to talk which.

The items we need are the following, in this practicular order:

-Tier 1 Legendary Mace

-Tier 1 Legendary Spellbook

-Tier 2 Legendary Mace

-Tier 2 Legendary Spellbook

Upon completion, the character weapon, and the hat will be black as a new skin.

Black Skin T1.jpg