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Magic Rate

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Magic Rate[edit | edit source]

Magic rate is a value used to determine the magic level of the item dropped by an enemy with the Drop Rate value as well.

Magic Rate follows the following formula:

 magic percentage = Magic Rate * 100
 rare percentage = Magic Rate * 10
 legendary percentage = Magic Rate
 normal percentage = ( 1 - Magic Rate * 1.1 ) * 100

Example: You kill a monster: Minotaur ( Magic Rate = 0.45 ). The chances of drop are the following:

 magic chance = 45%
 rare chance = 4.5%
 legendary chance = 0.45%
 normal chance = 51%

For the exact magic rate of every mob look at: List of All Monsters

Normal Items
The chance for obtaning a normal item is: 1 - Magic Rate * 1.11

Magic Items
The chance for obtaning a magic item is: Magic Rate

Rare Items
The chance for obtaning a rare item is: 0.1 * Magic Rate

Legendary Items
The chance for obtaning a legendary item is: 0.01 * Magic Rate